Tuesday, March 02, 2010

for real this time

I'm gonna stand strong. Currently encountering some doubts which I think its quite tricky.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Straight to the point.

Special message to certain someone:

I just wished that I could never see 'you' again, never again.

Be noted that Yamaha is my working place, do try to overlook that place whenever you're in the proximity.

Pleeasseee........ :'(

-signing off-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

what i've done.

Fatigue, fagged, exhausted, tired, worn out, are simply the possible words to define my condition right now as my day was filled with energy consuming activities. I am already at my humblest stage of fitness, in fact, I've always been in this stage. I returned to school today, not for any undisputed memoirs or missing school kind of thing, but to join the juniors for training as they are preparing for the inter school competition. I can proudly say it out loud, I was totally out and was unable to keep up with the rising rhythm of the training. I felt like an old man. Training was VERY different these days, unlike those drills I've been through. But it's good to experience something new, and fun catching with them. =) Well, it all ended around 11o'clock and I was feeling so darn relieved when the final whistle was blew.

THEN, I went to the gym at Aeon(fitness first) with Wai Kiat and William. Wai Kiat has a free trials offer for some reason, and he asked us to tag along. I couldn't remember why did I agreed to join them but I did. It was merriment still to have joined. I'm not gonna talk much about what we did inside, but it was truly tiring and I mean it. I feel like I'm floating now. Stayed there for 4hours. Basically I was torturing myself today for no reason. I've gotta get some precious rest, allow me please. goodnight! =)

-signing off-

Thursday, January 21, 2010


When knee meets muscle, they become extremely lovable and intimate and live happily ever after.haha? Yes? Noooo! When this happens, fairy tales shouldn't be brought into the picture at all in the first place! haha What happened was, I played basketball today, and as I was dribbling the ball, I tried to dribble pass this guy. In the process of doing so, half way through I assume, that guy used his knee to block me. Apparently that attempt of trying to block me with his knee has caused me a 'dreadful' injury on my leg. His knee knocked hard on part of my leg's muscle. =(

I wanted to shout 'WTF' so badly, but I didn't! HAHAHA. Instead, I succumbed to it and consent reluctantly and acted as if only a belittled impact hit me. But never mind, he's only a young boy, oh wait I don't know exactly how old is he but still, I'm willing to forgive him. I'ma take my time to massage the affected area and the worse thing is, I'm working tomorrow (10am-6pm). ehhwahh ehhwahh.. how to stand? hehe. Tak ape larh.. =) Goodnight people.. =*

-signing off-

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I didn't realize this weird habit that I've been carrying until I was reminded. *sigh* Not any usual bad habits that you can thought of, like snoring loudly while sleeping or playing with Barbie Dolls when I have free time, but it's me, not viewing my friends' profile in Facebook. I mean, I'm so much depended only on the News Feed, where comments and statuses were posted. I never actually go to one's profile, to check out what has been playing in their lives. Unless he/she is a newly added person, I might just drop by and view their pictures and get to roughly know that particular person. Even close's friends profile! =( I think I'll have to start out with close friends' profile first, view it occasionally, make sure I know more or less about them and what's going on in their lives. *tada* hahaha.

wookay, gotta go. I'm going to the salon with Mummy. I've been her very trustworthy driver lately. KAKAKA. hehe. My hair is like a bush, you can even hide guitar pick in it. Since I've already got my very own picks, so it's unnecessary for me to 'steal'. HAHAHAHA.

-signing off-